Day 9: 10 ways to win your heart

Baru lepas bukak puasa..
and my mood so much better now :D

Challange hari ni..
errrr... susah sikit...
aku tak tahu la aku nak tulis aper..
Tapi takpe aku akan berusaha siapkan challenge ni..

10 ways to win my heart

  1. emmm... Should know me better... yeah cuz sometime what you see is not what you think.. Don't tell me then you regret to know me since I'm boring.. Just GTH if you like that!
  2. Just be nice.. girls love that..
  3. errr... Don't force me doing something..
  4. Nyanyi lagu Korea.. ahahha.. * Lack of idea*
  5. arhhh... mollayo~
  6. I can't do this challenge
  7. I'm fail this time
  8. Help me..
  9. Give me idea please..
  10. I'm sorry 
huh.. sampai no.3 jer aku boleh buat..
bile no4 aku dah xde idea..
sebab ape? 
I don't know...
I am so pathetic!

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